Farm Milk Supply Partners

Quality begins with our farm milk supply.

For over 20 years, Burra Foods has built partnerships with some of the most successful and innovative dairy farmers in Australia.

While our farm milk collection is from right across Victoria, we are located in the heart of Gippsland, the largest and most reliable dairying region in Australia. With its temperate climate, consistent rainfall and fertile soils, it’s ideal for pasture based dairy production.

As a result, Burra Foods has been able to buck recent industry trends that have seen total industry volumes decline, and increase milk supply by:

  • Developing long lasting partnerships
  • Building a strong business model
  • Providing reliability and transparency in milk payment
  • Continuing to build trust in the Burra Foods' brand

For further information on our farm milk supply partnerships or to request more information, contact our Milk Supply team today.