04 Mar 2015

Buffer Compromise Good For All

Burra Foods has commended the careful and considered deliberations of the South Gippsland Shire Council in its decision to approve the Environmental Significance Overlay around its 115 year old manufacturing site in Korumburra.
CEO Grant Crothers acknowledged the decision was close with only five to four in favour and that the extension of the floorplan clause from 25 to 50 per cent was a good compromise and a win for residents.
Mr Crothers emphasised that Burra Foods was committed to its continuous improvement policy in relation to all areas of its operations – including environmental performance.
“We take the responsibilities of our social license very seriously and recognise that Burra Foods is an important part of the fabric of Korumburra and wider Gippsland community.  We want to ensure a viable and sustainable future for the business and our wider community - employees, dairy farmers, suppliers and neighbours.
“We are pleased that our $1.2million investment in waste water treatment that we initiated over a year ago is now fully operational and improving performance and efficiencies, including reducing odor omissions,” he said.
Mr Crothers said that the ESO process had highlighted how important it was that existing or potential neighbours were aware that Burra Foods is an ongoing operation and has the potential to affect the residential amenity of the surrounding area.
Mr Crothers said that he was optimistic over the future of Burra Foods.
“If we had a crystal ball, planning the future of the business would be simple, but the reality is our growth is not a straight line, but one with a lot of ups and downs along the way and our planning has to reflect this reality.
“Who would have thought back in the early 1990’s when we had just five employees rattling around in a previously disused factory, that we would now have 130 staff, approximately 20 contractors and excess of 200 dairy farming families contributing to our drive to become a key exporter of specialty dairy proteins to the Asian market.
“We are now poised to be a centre of excellence so Gippsland can be a significant part of the whole protein to Asia story that has the dairy industry so excited,” he said.
Mr Crothers said Burra would continue to invest in its plant to grow capability to meet market movements while curtailing the impact its operations has on its neighbours.

For further media information:
Tory Montgomery - PR to Burra Foods
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