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Further Commitment To Site Development Is Our Confidence Vote

04 Dec 2017
The announcement today that we intend to proceed with the building of an infant formula blending and canning plant at Korumburra is a further sign of our confidence in the industry and our ability to succeed in the category...

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Christmas Comes Early For Burra Milk Supply Partners

29 Nov 2017
I was very happy to be able to announce our second step-up on 23rd November; ten cents added to the previous 10 cents is a meaningful increase in milk price. The whole team has worked hard to confirm this step-up pre Christmas to improve cash flow and price certainty for our Milk Supply Partners for the first half of calendar year 2018...

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Change Is The Only Constant

30 Oct 2017
Went along to my first MG Co-operative AGM yesterday – the 69th and last! Memorable for many reasons, particularly the frustrations of shareholders at the Chairman’s insistence of the need to accept the Directors’ guidance that selling all assets to Saputo was a great outcome...

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Step Up Means More Cash For Dairy Farming Enterprises

15 Oct 2017
With the sun shining a bit brighter for longer each day and the forecast predicts higher temperature for next week, it is safe to say spring has formally arrived!! Our daily milk volumes into Burra continue to increase as we move closer to peak and with extra capacity now on-line we are managing record volumes for the site while working hard to get the right product mix so to meet the firm from established and emerging markets...

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New Technology And Additional Milk Flows Provide Testing Times

09 Oct 2017
There’s plenty going on in our world and in dairy generally but that’s no excuse for my absence from blogging these past couple of months. Caulfield Cup Day means different things to different people - to some, nothing at all! - but for us it is our peak intake, give or take a day...

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Start Your Engines...

11 Jul 2017
With the annual shutdown now coming to a close it can feel like the start of a new race at this time of year. New capability, refreshed equipment and a whole lot of milk in front of us. I have been delighted at the level of interest dairy farm enterprises have shown in supplying Burra and we will be proudly supporting over 200 Milk Supply Partners over the next 12 months, the first time in our history...

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Two South Gippsland Enterprises Benefiting From Growth

30 Jun 2017
Congratulations and thank you today to the Bland Milk Supply Group. After a mutually beneficial six years during which both businesses have enjoyed strong growth the Bland Group will cease supplying Burra Foods as of tomorrow...

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Code Of Practice Welcome

27 Jun 2017
Another outcome of Minister Joyce’s 2016 dairy symposium has materialised this week with a collective signing by processors of the Code of Practice for Contractual Arrangements (the Code). Burra fully supports the Code and finds nothing in it offensive; it will not change our practices in the commercial relationship with our supply partners...

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Strong Opening Price To Underpin Recovery

09 Jun 2017
$5.45-$5.65 FY18 opening is our statement that we are here to build a strong supply chain. We haven't been left behind in FGMP before and it's not going to happen this year; we’ve been able to spend more time to ensure the range quoted covers 85% of our supply base...

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Investing In The Supply Chain

04 Jun 2017
Our commitment announced on Friday to pay a pre July 30 payment of $0.40/kg MS is intended as a cash injection into our supply chain that will repair cash flow and provide working capital for growth, after a punishing year of low prices followed by the poor seasonal conditions of 2015/6...

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