29 Nov 2017

Christmas Comes Early For Burra Milk Supply Partners

I was very happy to be able to announce our second step-up on 23rd November; ten cents added to the previous 10 cents is a meaningful increase in milk price. The whole team has worked hard to confirm this step-up pre Christmas to improve cash flow and price certainty for our Milk Supply Partners for the first half of calendar year 2018.

I was delighted to see familiar, and not so familiar, faces last night at the Burra Milk Supply Partners Christmas function and couldn’t help but notice the optimism in the room. For those supply partners who have recently joined, it was the first or perhaps second supplier function and the transparency and openness about how Burra conducts business was apparent. We’ve been having a kind season – or until now made-to-order for some – is certainly a bonus and will no doubt assist in rebuilding their business after a period of low prices and less favourable seasonal conditions. Here’s hoping the 30°C+ days are not with us for too much longer and that the forecast rain delivers a few inches to everyone.