05 Nov 2015

Improved Waste Water Treatment

It has certainly been a dry Spring to date, albeit as I write this we are seeing heavy rain falling in parts of Victoria that will please all of our supply partners but no one attending Oaks Day. 

With the dry spell hopefully behind us, like you, I am hoping for many wet and warm summer days between now and Christmas to maintain milk production and keep milk production costs down.

At this time of the year we have an obligation to report our performance to the EPA and while we have room for improvement it is pleasing to see environmentally Burra Foods is reaping rewards from investment in improved Waste Water Treatment (WWT) as well as water and condensate recovery. Despite increasing production significantly in FY15 our water efficiency has improved markedly and we are now using 20% less water, per tonne of production output, than we were 12 months ago and 38% less than 2 years ago. We recognise that water is a finite resource even in our high rainfall area and our reduction in use is a key part of our sustainability plan. 

Turning to WWT, our investment in a DAF plant some 12 months ago is seeing much improved odour management and increased ability to process the volatile waste stream that comes with the production of Nutritional Milk Powders.