17 Oct 2012

Introducing Science To Year 7 Students At KSC

Every year two technicians from Burra Foods go to the Korumburra Secondary College to run a science class for the year 7’s.  The science topic is Bacteria and Hygiene which are both very important in relation to what we do at Burra Foods.
This year Krystal Condoluci and I, Rod McCall, took four classes of year 7 spread over two days. We talked about what happens at Burra Foods and the products produced. We talked about microorganisms and bacteria, what they are, where they are found, what they can do and what they can be used for. Hygiene was the other focus and its importance at Burra Foods. We talked about zoning, uniforms, foot wear, hair nets, washing procedures and air lock entries which are all used to achieve good hygiene within the factory.  
The fun part of the class involved using Glitter Bug to demonstrate hygiene. Glitter Bug comes in a lotion and powder form and it glows under UV light. The first experiment was to demonstrate how far germs can travel. We had seven pupils line up and lotion was rubbed on the first pupils hand. They had to shake hands down the line then a UV torch was used to fluoresce the Glitter Bug. It was demonstrated that the Glitter Bug travelled as far as six people.
Other demonstrations involved washing hands with and without soap. Pretending to sneeze using the powder. Rubbing it on a coin and passing it around. Rubbing it on a wooden chopping board then washing it off. In the last one a pupil put on a pair of examination gloves, rubbed Glitter Bug on the gloves and removing them without contaminating their clean hands.
To finish off we had a food trivia quiz. Did you know that onions, potatoes and apples taste the same? It’s the smell that makes them taste different. Try it by pinching your nose and taking a bite.
The children were all enthusiastic and enjoyed the demonstrations. This is only one of several projects between Burra Foods and the Secondary College which I think it is beneficial to both parties.