10 Oct 2017

New Technology And Additional Milk Flows Provide Testing Times

There’s plenty going on in our world and in dairy generally but that’s no excuse for my absence from blogging these past couple of months.

Caulfield Cup Day means different things to different people - to some, nothing at all! - but for us it is our peak intake, give or take a day. With milk intake up circa 20% on last year, the 2018 peak will fully test our new processing capacity and take inbound and outbound logistics to new volumes. The past six weeks have been punctuated with plant reliability issues putting considerable pressure on many parts of the business, but these would seem to be now behind us after much problem solving, hard work and shuffling by the Production, Maintenance and Process Engineering teams.

A big thank you to the many who have stretched themselves to get us through the past few weeks; it has been a significant test of our ability to work through adversity.

Capital is a finite and precious commodity; although well overdue, the investment in the Operations/Administration building is a significant stretch when we have so many competing priorities. With the relocation of 30 or so staff to Karmai Plaza working well and the industry in something of a ‘fluid’ state – the biggest player does not put the FOR SALE sign up too often! – we have decided to postpone commencement of construction for six months to ensure the end product meets our long term needs.