17 Oct 2012

Science @ Burra Foods

In August this year, three year 10 students have been carrying out an investigation on behalf of Burra Foods as part of their partnership with Science at Korumburra Seconary College. Over many days, they experimented with a machine that quickly dries milk samples out to measure the amount of milk solids. Students were investigating if the machine would meet the high standards required at the Burra Foods Science labs. This involved carrying out many experiments and rechecking. It was not a simple problem, because the machine worked in so many different ways and each one needed investigating. After sorting through all their results and coming to some important decisions, the students presented their recommendations to the staff at Burra Foods. Helen Arestia and Lab Supervisor, Colin, were very impressed with both the quality of the presentation as well as the recommendations made. The partnership with Burra Foods emphasises that science is a career that can be pursued in Korumburra and provides students with such experience. When asked if he enjoyed the experience, Phil replied, “It was udderly fantastic!” The students also thanked KSC’s own Lab Technician, Donna Muldoon for all her guidance.