30 Jun 2017

Two South Gippsland Enterprises Benefiting From Growth

Congratulations and thank you today to the Bland Milk Supply Group.

After a mutually beneficial six years during which both businesses have enjoyed strong growth the Bland Group will cease supplying Burra Foods as of tomorrow. The commercial arrangements with their new factory surpass anything Burra is prepared to meet so I congratulate all members on a strong commercial outcome for their business.

The Bland Milk Supply Group joined Burra six years ago when we were in commissioning phase of the (then new) dryer and Burra has very much enjoyed the relationship from that first day until now.

We look forward to being able to welcome some or all Bland members back to Burra at some time in the future and feel confident that they will continue to prosper, as well managed dairy farming enterprises in South Gippsland so often do.

The Burra supply chain will continue to grow as planned and I am confident that we will meet our expected farm supply volume in the coming 12 months and beyond.