Our Purpose and Core Values

Our purpose

To add value to the world’s best raw materials using excellent and innovative technology, while working energetically with our customers, collecting superior market information and preparing for prompt response to market movements.

Core values

Our core values were developed over 18 years ago with the involvment of all our staff, and to this day underpin everything we do and play a vital role in ensuring we are an enduring organisation. We are:

  • Persistent Ideas can come easily, but only excellent execution will convert them to effective change.
  • Bold Take bold, risk-rated decisions to take the business forward.
  • Market-Led Nobody is smarter than the market; refer to it frequently.
  • Enthusiastic Errors of enthusiasm are preferred to the indifference of wisdom.
  • Respectful Many relationships make the value chain; treat them all with respect.
  • Keep it Fun Enjoy the journey; be sure to celebrate big and small success.

Above all else, there is nothing so important that it can't be done safely.


Occupational Health & Safety Policy


For more information about our purpose and our values, contact:

Helen Falls
Organisational Development Manager
Telephone +61 (0) 3 8582 4680
Mobile +61 (0) 400 598 467