Operational Capability

Today, we process more than 300 million litres of milk a year and produce in excess of 60,000 metric tonnes (MT) of product at our Korumburra plant.

Milk receival

Every day thoughout peak season, which runs from early September to late December, more than 40 tankers will deliver over 1.3 million litres of milk to Burra Foods.

On arrival the milk is immediately tested for antibiotics to confirm the absence of penicillin before being transfered to two 250,000 litre silos using load-in pumps with inline filtering systems. To ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are met, we wash the silos daily with Cleaning In Place (CIP) equipment.

A valve cluster and pumps then distributes the milk to either whole milk or standardised milk silos for processing.


The whole milk goes to a balance tank where a plate heat exchanger raises the temperature to around 16 degrees. Two cold bowl separators then use centrifugal force to separate the in-feed into cream and skim milk.

This low heat treatment during separation ensures a low microbiological count and that the dairy flavour is maintained through to the finished product.

Food preparation

Once separated the fresh cream is held in storage ready for immediate processing and blending into a range of products including frozen cream, natural cheese and milk concentrates.

These products are packaged in "bag-in-box", placed in one of six on site freezers and frozen to -5° within 24 hours.

The boxes are palletised and transported to the Burra Foods cold storage facility in Melbourne and prepared for dispatch.

Milk powder

In 2009, Burra Foods undertook several significant investments at our Korumburra plant including the construction and commissioning of a new state-of-the-art 6.5 tonne/hour dryer.

This has enabled us to specialise in skim milk powder and full cream milk powder with low micro spore levels that has been developed to specifically meet challenging customer requirements.

The low, medium and high heat powders are produced for our key export markets, particularly Japan, South East Asia and the Middle East regions.

The bags are robot stacked on double width pallets and transported to the Burra Foods warehouse facility in Melbourne and prepared for dispatch.

Nutritional Milk Powders

In early 2014 Burra Foods commissioned a new state-of-the-art Nutritional Milk Powder wet mix and hydration plant, which is CNCA registered.

As a result, Burra Foods become only the fourth dairy manufacturer in Australia capable of manufacturing Infant Formula, Follow On and Growing Up milk powders.  

The expansion in the plant capability will result in the supply of high quality, safe nutritional milk powders, from Gippsland, Australia.

Packed into either bulk bag or as a finished canned product, the Burra Foods range of Nutritional Milk Powders will include Infant Formula, Follow On and Growing Up milk powders and will be manufactured with the highest quality standards in Australia's newest plant.

Bulk liquids

The fresh cream and milk concentrates are loaded out in bulk tanker loads for use in the manufacture of ice-cream, yoghurt and domestic cream products.

For more information about the operational capability of Burra Foods, contact:

Dale O'Neill
General Manager Commercial
Mobile +61 (0) 400 136 540