Through investment in the latest technology, continued product innovation and a close collaboration with our customers, Burra Foods markets high quality dairy ingredients to the global market.

We specialise in creating a safe and reliable supply of dairy products that deliver the functional and sensory characteristics of fresh milk. These are manufactured from only the highest quality milk sourced from approved farm milk supply partners.

The product range, consisting of natural cheese, fresh milk concentrates, specialty milk powders and fresh dairy products are all manufactured in the state-of-the-art plant located at Korumburra, Victoria.

Burra Foods produces product across four key categories:

Food preparation

A wide range of functional ingredients including natural Australian cream cheese, frozen cream, cream blends and milk concentrates provides both flavour and functionality.

Milk Powder

Skim milk powder and full cream milk powder are manufactured in the newest milk drying powder plant in Victoria.

Nutritional Milk Powders

A new state-of-the-art wet mix and rehydration plant results in the expanded product range of milk powder to include Infant Formula, Follow On and Growing Up milk powders.

Bulk liquid

Flexible logistics ensure our bulk supply of cream and concentrates are both a reliable and safe dairy ingredient solution.

Burra Foods works closely with our customers to ensure that the manufacturing specifications are matched exactly to what is required.

For further information on our product range or to request a sample or specification, contact our Sales & Marketing team today.