Picture of Craig Nuske

Craig Nuske

Craig was appointed to Burra in Aug 2018 as Business Development Manager to drive sales of our recently created Retail brand portfolio.  Craig has a broad experience in the consumer sales area, across both domestic and international markets.

Craig Nuske
Business Development Manager 

Picture of Haiming Xu

Haiming Xu

Haiming joined Burra Foods in April 2018 in the role of Business Development Manager – China. Haiming has 20 years experience in food business and has extensive knowledge particularly in Infant formula business. Haiming is currently based in China.

Haiming Xu
Business Development Manager - China 


Picture of Des Reilly

Des Reilly

Des joined Burra Foods in January 2010 as Business Development Manager associated with the investment in the new spray drier commissioned in August 2010 – a position which was subsequently converted to Sales Manager.

Des has extensive experience in international sales and marketing of dairy products both within Australia and Europe.

Des Reilly
Sales Manager - Ingredients

Picture of Ken Horie

Ken Horie

Ken started with Burra Foods in 2003 and heads our Japan Office.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Chemistry and has previously worked in US and New Zealand.

Ken Horie
Sales Manager
Telephone +81 (0) 3 6277 7926
Mobile +81 (0) 90 4429 5040