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Burra Foods Community Report For 2018

10 Dec 2018
Burra Foods has released the Common Ground - Summer 2018/2019 edition. Please click on the link below to download a copy:

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Burra Foods Announces 1st Step Up For 2018/19

16 Oct 2018
Burra Foods has today announced a step up in base FMP (Farmgate Milk Price) for Milk Supply Partners equivalent to $0.13/kg of milk solids across the FY19 year. In a letter to Milk Supply Partners, Burra Foods Chief Executive Officer, Grant Crothers, noted that this step up was the result of a softening AUD against the USD, rather than market improvement...

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Burra Foods’ Pure Source Milk To Hit The Shelves In Taiwan

19 Jun 2018
Gippsland based dairy processor Burra Foods, has today announced the launch of their new dairy brand, Pure Source Milk. In a first for Burra Foods, Pure Source is the first retail product for the Victorian dairy manufacturer and is part of a considered strategy to drive maximum value from fresh farm gate milk in international markets...

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Burra Foods Offering 1:1 Payment System With $5.60 – $5.90/kg Opening Milk Price Range

08 Jun 2018
Burra Foods has today announced an opening milk price range for the FY19 season of $5.60 - $5.90/kg Milk Solids, an 8% increase over last year’s opening price. In an innovative step, Burra is also offering all Milk Supply Partners the opportunity to be paid on a 1:1 fat to protein ratio, reflecting the strong market returns for fat...

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Burra Foods Offers Increased FMP Certainty

01 Jun 2018
Burra Foods today announced it is offering the opportunity for Milk Supply Partners to lock in a percentage of their milk at a flat $6/kg milk solids Farmgate Milk Price (FMP) for the next three years...

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Burra Foods Commits To Long-term Sustainability Through Renewable Energy

28 May 2018
Gippsland based dairy processor Burra Foods, has today announced that it has entered into a large-scale Renewable Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Melbourne-based energy retailer Flow Power...

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Earlier Payment Of Burra Supply Incentive

28 May 2018
Recently we issued a milk price update confirming our commitment to the payment of a Burra Supply Incentive (BSI) in August for the FY18 season. In recognition of the continuing unfavorable seasonal conditions and the increased cash flow pressure on many dairy farming enterprises, we have reviewed our current position and brought forward the timing of the payment...

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Milk Price Update - April 2018

11 Apr 2018
Burra Foods has confirmed a Burra Supply Incentive (BSI) payment for the FY18 season. We confirm that a BSI payment of 6.5c/kg Fat and 14.3c/kg Protein (equivalent to 10c/kgMS) will be paid on all milk solids received for the FY18 season...

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Burra Foods Community Report For 2017

11 Dec 2017
Burra Foods has released ‘The Common Ground’, our re-branded Community Report for 2017. Please click on the link below to download a copy:

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Further Commitment To Site Development Is Our Confidence Vote

04 Dec 2017
The announcement today that we intend to proceed with the building of an infant formula blending and canning plant at Korumburra is a further sign of our confidence in the industry and our ability to succeed in the category...

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