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Burra Foods Opens With Strong Milk Price For FY18

09 Jun 2017
Burra Foods has announced an opening farm gate milk price range of $5.45/kg to $5.65/kg milk solids for FY18. Please see attached media release for further information.

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Strong Opening Price To Underpin Recovery

09 Jun 2017
$5.45-$5.65 FY18 opening is our statement that we are here to build a strong supply chain. We haven't been left behind in FGMP before and it's not going to happen this year; we’ve been able to spend more time to ensure the range quoted covers 85% of our supply base...

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Burra Foods Offering $0.40/kg Cash Injection For FY18

05 Jun 2017
Burra Foods has announced it is offering the opportunity for new and existing Milk Supply Partners to receive a $0.40 per kilogram milk solids cash injection to start the 2017/18 season. Please see attached media release for further information...

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Investing In The Supply Chain

04 Jun 2017
Our commitment announced on Friday to pay a pre July 30 payment of $0.40/kg MS is intended as a cash injection into our supply chain that will repair cash flow and provide working capital for growth, after a punishing year of low prices followed by the poor seasonal conditions of 2015/6...

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Predictions Are Difficult ..........especially Of The Future!!

21 May 2017
April conservatism has bitten quickly

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Sustainable Supply Chain Is The Key Goal

02 May 2017
Disappointing to see dairy back in the headlines this week following the ACCC announcement regarding previous management of what was meant to be an industry leader. While the ACCC ‘points the finger’ at previous management and MGC takes a massive $410m asset write-down I'd like to think that we are at a turning point for the industry...

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Easter BSI Announcement Supports FGMP

18 Apr 2017
At recent supplier meetings a few attendees asked me why I used the term 'recovery' when the FGMP was still barely at production cost and many suppliers were facing cash flow pressures and looking to increase debt so to run their farm in a sustainable way...

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Rabobank Forecast Makes Sense

06 Apr 2017
Taking some comfort that respected dairy analyst Michael Harvey at Rabobank is about to issue a dairy commodity price forecast that reflects sentiments expressed at last month's Suppliers meetings  I'm yet to see the report but am advised that at a currency rate of USD0...

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Can't Spend Enough Time With Supply Partners

02 Apr 2017
March has provided me with valuable opportunities to spend time with Burra Supply Partners

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Pete Fort Takes Out The Big Gippsland Jersey Milk Off!

30 Mar 2017
Our very own Pete Fort takes out the Big Gippsland Jersey Milk Off on Day One at Farmworld milking 200mls in one minute. Well done Pete!

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