A Reputation for Quality

Industry shifts, a changing workforce and a rapidly expanding global market makes the position of manufacturers a challenging one.

However, our reputation as a dynamic dairy industry leader has stood the test of time and continues to drive a range of customers and product ideas to our door.

From the regions to the cities and from the farm to the factory, we are committed to continuing to turn ideas and opportunities into reality.

We do this through investing in our ingenuity and building respectful strategic partnerships. In an ever-changing global market, we’re working to strengthen and sustain the local dairy industry through smart technological application and foresight.

Our Growth Journey

Burra Foods has been leading the market in dairy manufacturing innovation and technology for more than three decades.

In the early 1980s, brothers William and Grant Crothers were operating a liquid milk plant in Shepparton, processing 35 million litres a year and employing 50 people.

With record interest rates and economic uncertainty making business difficult for many, they decided to sell and move to what was then a rambling, empty, old facility called Korumburra Butter Factory.

By mid-1991, Burra Foods was established with six people, some run-down infrastructure with plenty of potential and a bold vision for growth and expansion.

One of the turning points of Burra’s growth journey has been the commissioning of a multi-million dollar milk dryer facility, which produces superior product and has opened doors to wider and more lucrative high end dry milk product markets.

Thirty years later, the company employs 200 people and has expanded to meet growing demand across Asia and the Middle East.


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