Milk pricing & payment options

Burra Foods maintains its commitment to deliver premium prices to our farm milk supply partners, thanks to the strong returns from our stable business model.

But for us, good business is more than just paying a premium for milk, it is about keeping our farm milk supply partners informed with reliable, real-time information and through the ongoing building of strong partnerships for the long term.

Milk Supply Form

All our farm milk supply partners are offered a choice of three transparent and easy-to-follow payment options, allowing them to select the one most suited to their individual production system:

  • Alternating Payment System (APS)– This is a traditional payment structure that is lower during spring months but then alternates, increasing on a monthly basis from January to July. It is typically suited to split calving herds.
  • Burra Payment System (BPS)– This two-tiered system means payments are the same for fat and protein from July to December then increase by 25% at the start of January, remaining the same through to the end of June. It provides a less complicated milk payment typically suited to year-round milking herds.
  • Flat Payment System (FPS)– This system means fat and protein payments remain the same each month. It is designed to align income with production and is typically suited to seasonal calving herds.

Milk payments are always made on or before the 15th day of each month and are never late.

All milk supply partners can log-in to myfarm@burra – a secure access portal which delivers production and business information direct to farmers.

Milk Supply Form
The full range of information available at the site includes:
  • Supply and component information
  • Milk quality information
  • Production information
  • Trending data
  • Payment data
  • Performance data
  • Production and financial data
  • Budgeting and cashflow forecasts
  • Year-on-year and month-on-month comparisons
  • Document request (such as payment statements)

Interested in becoming a Burra Foods milk supply partner? Contact our milk supply team.

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