Posted Monday 03 June 2024



June 2024


As verbally announced at recent Milk Supply Partner meetings, Burra Foods would like to advise its Minimum Farmgate Milk Price Range for FY25 is $8.00 – $8.50/kg milk solids for the period July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025. As per our long-term practice, we are quoting a range in which the majority of our Milk Supply Partners will sit, rather than a weighted average price which is often difficult for many to achieve.

Burra Foods is proud to call Gippsland home and places significant value on the partnerships developed with our Milk Supply Partners. Despite the current challenges faced by the dairy industry, the spirit of optimism and resilience serves as a driving force behind our strategic focus on nurturing the growth of our business for the future and the future of Gippsland.

“It was great to see so many Milk Supply Partners at our dinner meetings last week, said Stewart Carson, CEO. Several of our Milk Supply Partners shared insights from a recent New Zealand study tour coordinated and sponsored by Burra which was well received.”

Providing a view on the outlook and season ahead was a main topic of discussion. “There have been a lot of changes to markets in the last 12 months and our flexibility has enabled us to take advantage of opportunities as they presented,” explained Stewart. “Sharing our product mix, markets, strategic focus and ongoing investment program is important to ensure our Milk Supply Partners feel connected and confident in the future of our business.”

“We are very proud of our ongoing and significant contribution to Gippsland. We continue to heavily invest in new products and our plant to expand production capability. Burra continues to enable Milk Supply Partners to nominate funding and sponsorship opportunities, to support the sustainability and vibrancy of local dairy communities, via the Burra Foundation,” CEO Stewart Carson said.

Burra is optimistic about the season ahead and our future growth. If you are interested in being a Milk Supply Partner, contact us at milksupply@burrafoods.com.au or via our website (link here).