Milk Supply Agreements

Standard Forms of Agreement

In accordance with the Mandatory Dairy Code of Conduct, milk processors (purchasing raw milk from farmgate) must publish one or more standard forms of agreements on their website by 2pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on 1 June each year.
Processors must release at least one standard form of agreement and may release other agreements depending on factors affecting the purchase of milk. This may mean different standard form agreements based on geographic regions, characteristics of the milk (such as organic), or minimum volume levels.  Standard forms of agreement must include a justification of each minimum price specified in the agreement.
Processors need to offer non-exclusive supply agreements. However, they can also offer an exclusive agreement.
In 2021-22, Burra Foods offers 4 Standard Forms of Agreement: 1 Year Exclusive, 1 Year Non Exclusive, 3 Year Exclusive & 3 Year Non Exclusive.


1 Year Exclusive – Click to download
1 Year Non Exclusive – Click to download
3 Year Exclusive – Click to download
3 Year Non Exclusive –   Click to download

Any questions regarding the agreements, please contact our Milk supply team.

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