Burra Foods sources premium ingredients

High quality dairy products start with a rich, creamy and wholesome milk supply. Our milk is sourced from milk supply partners across Gippsland and wider Victoria. With its temperate climate, consistent rainfall and fertile soils, the region is ideal for pasture-based dairy production.

Successful and innovative farmers, happy, healthy cows and nutritious pastures are important to Burra Foods and vital to delivering the premium quality products for which we are renowned.



Keeping it local wherever possible in all areas of Burra Foods’ operations is vital, and that includes the contractors who collect milk on-farm.

Peter Stoitse Transport specialises in farm milk collection and has been partnering with Burra Foods since 2005. Based at Welshpool, Victoria, the company’s 35 nationally accredited drivers collect more than 300 million litres of milk from over 60,000 separate pickups each year for delivery to the Korumburra plant.

Food Safety

Complying with all food safety regulations is not enough for Burra Foods, we pursue best practice at every opportunity.

All operational Victorian dairy farms must be licenced by the state regulatory authority, Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV).

As part of its licence requirement, each farm must implement an approved food safety program and be audited every two years by a nationally accredited and approved auditor.

In addition, Burra Foods has its own DFSV-approved food safety program which is designed to identify potential food safety hazards specific to each farm operation, including the systems and records used to control those hazards.

To ensure compliance, all new farm milk supply partners of Burra Foods are provided assistance and support with the implementation of their food safety program.


At Burra Foods, we pride ourselves on producing superior quality products.

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