Our Products

Food Preparation

Natural cheese and cream products that incorporate the highest quality milk fat and solids

Bulk Liquid

Tailor-made milks, creams and concentrates for customer's unique manufacturing needs

Milk & Nutritional Powders

Premium quality nutritional and milk powders for all ages and stages of life

Consumer Retail

Specialist consumer brands using fresh, creamy milk from Australia’s best dairy region

Providing our customers with unique solutions to their dairy ingredient needs

Burra Foods specialises in developing ingredients specific to customers’ manufacturing requirements using only the highest quality milk sourced from approved farm milk supply partners.

This is possible through Burra Foods’ state-of-the-art plant located at Korumburra, Victoria, which incorporates investment in the latest technology and continued product innovation along with close customer collaboration.


Product Quality

Burra Foods operates a manufacturing facility in accordance with an audited quality management system.

Our uncompromising commitment to manufacture product of the highest standards and specifications ensures food safety and security standards are maintained.

Our quality management system applies to all business activities including research and development, production, sales, marketing, installation and servicing activities. Importantly, it demonstrates our commitment to consistently provide a product that meets customer and regulatory requirements.


All products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Export Control (Milk and Milk Products) Orders, which includes the implementation of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP).


Ensuring the Burra Foods supply chain keeps pace with customer demand has never been more vital.

During one full season, we:

  • Receive more than 15,000 milk tanker deliveries to the Korumburra plant.
  • Manufacture more than 70,000 metric tonnes of finished goods.
  • Deliver nearly 60,000 metric tonnes of product to two dedicated warehouses in Melbourne.
  • Pack and export more than 2500 FCLs of milk powder and frozen product.
  • Ship product to more than 25 different ports across the globe.

Pure Source … naturally rich and creamy Australian milk

Burra Foods’ retail brand is Pure Source. Its milk is sourced from specially selected dairy farms located in Victoria – where its rich soils, cool temperatures and high rainfall create the perfect conditions for sustainable dairyfarming.

Pure Source premium dairy products are made from the highest quality milk and processed only hours after leaving the farm for maximum taste, freshness and nutritional value.

About Pure Source

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