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About Burra Foods

Our Products

Food Preparation

Natural cheese and cream products that incorporate the highest quality milk fat and solids

Bulk Liquid

Tailor-made milks, creams and concentrates for customer's unique manufacturing needs

Milk & Nutritional Powders

Premium quality nutritional and milk powders for all ages and stages of life

Consumer Retail

Specialist consumer brands using fresh, creamy milk from Australia’s best dairy region

Burra envisages a vibrant, healthy environment and dairy industry for Australia. To achieve this, sustainable practices underpin our operations at every step.


Meet out brand ambassador

Burra Foods is a proud supporter of the Gippsland region and its people. So Gippsland born and bred Olympian high jumper Eleanor Patterson was an obvious choice to be our inaugural brand ambassador.


Burra Foods works with some of the most successful and innovative dairyfarmers in Australia.


Introducing Burra

At Burra Foods, we pride ourselves on being able to create solutions that have a positive commercial, ecological and social impact. We seek to help Australian dairy thrive, promoting a sustainable future for our local and global industry.

About Burra Foods

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