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Nutritional Powders


Product Overview

Premium nutritional base powders made with Australian A-grade dairy.
Burra Foods have developed innovative wet blended base formulations for infants to adults. Sourced from premium, grass-fed cows grazing in the lush green pastures of Gippsland, our products have exceptional dairy flavor that reflects our commitment to quality.


Infant & Adult Nutritional Products
  • Infant Formula, Follow On, Growing Up, Children’s and Aged categories
  • Dairy, Organic, Goat and OPO (Oleic and Palmitic Fatty Acid Structure)



Product Capabilities

Burra Foods’ nutritional milk powder applications use the latest advanced wet-blending technology to deliver the highest quality. Products display enhanced solubility, taste and nutritional integrity and finished powders are ready for consumer packing or can be made as bases ready for further formulating.

Burra Foods has in-house infant nutritional and technical experts to ensure products meet stringent customer requirements. Our nutritional powders meet global infant formula standards across multiple markets.


Innovation & Technology

In 2014, Burra Foods commissioned a new nutritional milk powder wet mix and hydration plant capable of manufacturing 10,000 tonnes annually. This significant investment in industry-leading equipment has resulted in Burra Foods being one of only four manufacturers of nutritional milk powder, including infant formula, in Australia.


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