Product Range

Food Preparation


Product Overview

Burra Foods produces a range of ingredients with the highest quality milk fat and milk solids, delivering superior flavour and functionality.


Food Preparation Products
  • Cream cheese
  • Frozen cream
  • Concentrated milk preparations (whole and skim milk)
  • Frozen milk concentrate (enhanced formula for coffee milk)
  • Skim cheese
  • Milk protein and fat blends

Product Capabilities

This range of products contains highly concentrated milk solids, at up to 70%, designed for customers who are seeking a reliable source of quality milk that delivers to the sensory functionality of fresh milk.

Our cream style cheeses serve as functional ingredients in a range of ice-cream, confectionery and bakery products. Our range of frozen creams, whole, skim and modified milk concentrates are used in applications ranging from fresh milk beverages to cream, ice-cream and confectionery manufacture.


Innovation and Technology

Individual specifications have been developed in conjunction with our customers to ensure the ingredients best suit their application.

Products are typically used in ready to drink beverages, coffee shop milk, retail white milk and yogurt.

Key benefits include:
  • Exceptional flavour, indistinguishable from fresh local milk
  • Enhanced functionality in foaming, frothing, whipping and cooking
  • Superior nutritional profile, retaining natural properties of fresh milk
  • Gently concentrated and freshly frozen for quality and convenience
  • The tightest microbiological specification to maximise shelf life

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