Posted Thursday 13 May 2021

Burra Foods has today announced another increase in milk price across the full FY21 year for Milk Supply Partners equivalent to $0.10/kg milk solids, and an Opening Milk Price Range for FY22 of $6.40 – $6.80/kg milk solids.

In a letter to Milk Supply Partners today, Burra Foods Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Carson, noted that the FY21 increase and strong FY22 opening price were the result of Burra being able to capture continued strength in demand for dairy products domestically and internationally.

“Strong demand and our ability to respond to customer needs has allowed Burra to take advantage of historically high market prices and pass this through to our Milk Supply Partners,” said Mr Carson. “China and many South East Asian countries continue to seek high quality dairy products and Burra is well positioned to supply them.”

Mr Carson noted that Burra Foods has its manufacturing base in Gippsland, one of the most stable milk producing regions in Australia. “Our customer focus continues to be partnering for long-term mutual benefit and the reliability of supply from Gippsland is very important to achieve this. We are proud of our Gippsland heritage and the contribution that Burra makes to support the sustainability of our regional dairy communities.”

“We expect demand to remain strong well into the FY22 season, giving us confidence in our opening milk price range and will continue to review milk price throughout the season,” he said. “We hope that these prices provide confidence for our Milk Supply Partners when planning for the year ahead”.