Product Range

Milk Powders


Product Overview

Gently dried from fresh milk, Burra Foods’ milk powders are renowned for exceptional flavour and functionality.


Full cream and Skim milk powders
  • Full cream and skim milk powders
  • Cream powder
  • Instant milk powder
  • Low, medium and high heat, heat stable powders
  • Low spore

Product Capabilities

Depending on the requirements of the final product, this range can deliver:

  • Excellent density and flowability for packing
  • Protein stability for high temperature application
  • Minimal denaturing of protein for natural flavour
  • High solubility with low spore counts for extended shelf life products

Low, medium and high heat powders are produced for key export markets, particularly Japan, South East Asia and the Middle East regions. Burra Foods specialises in skim milk powder and full cream milk powder with low micro spore levels.


Innovation and Technology

Investment in technology over previous decades has ensured that Burra Foods is at the forefront of innovation today.

In 2010, Burra Foods developed a state-of-the-art spray drying facility capable of processing 23,000 tonnes of milk powder annually. The plant produces milk powders that meet the most challenging of market applications and can manufacture to tight microbiological and functional specifications.

Milk powder bags are stacked by robots on double width pallets and transported to the Burra Foods warehouse facility in Melbourne, enabling efficient operations for dispatch.


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