Posted Friday 19 May 2023

At Burra Foods, we continue to innovate, develop strategic partnerships and take advantage of business opportunities that make sure we succeed.

Our goal is to continue the strong sales and growth we experienced in 2022. Underpinning our approach is our commitment to quality in everything we do and results from our recent customer survey show that it’s working. 

The vast majority of respondents (89%) said they would recommend Burra to friends or colleagues and said that quality was the reason that they purchased from us. 

One customer said, “Your product is considered very good quality and consistent. The team is professional and knowledgeable… The team is willing to assist and support the customer to solve problems, be flexible and is customer focused.”  

Our company has a strong history in developing innovative solutions. We currently have a number of major projects underway, particularly in the food service arena, and we continue to explore new opportunities with our loyal customer base. 

A great example of this is cream cheese. Our new cream cheese plant was successfully commissioned in January, generating enormous interest from new and existing customers. 

We continue to explore new business relationships, having conducted many new business development trips domestically as well as in South Korea, South East Asia and Dubai. We are excited about the partnership opportunities that exist in these
fast-growing markets and will share more details as they evolve. 

Closer to home, we have been working with our nutritional partners to cement regulatory requirements in the USA and China. We are very optimistic about the sales opportunities this represents.

While there is some volatility in global markets, we are confident that our plans to increase innovation and focus on value adding will offset that and strengthen our business so that we can meet and overcome future challenges.

The customer survey result proves we are on the right track. A continued focus on business development, innovation and new channel growth underpins our strategic plan and will be the foundations for our success in the future.